Monthly Archives: March 2012

The new 1080p HD Apple TV

The new 1080p HD Apple TV package from Amazon was waiting for me yesterday when I came from work to home.


The package looks the same as previous version and contains the same things: the sleek black apple tv, aluminium IR remote and power cord. When you put the old and new side by side you can’t really tell which one is the new one though my old one was a bit dusty. The only other difference I noticed is the model number.


I really love Apple TV. I rent movies through it, stream music to my Harman Kardon home theater system and stream Finnish TV using TVKaista iPad app which also support AirPlay. I was going to buy a second Apple TV to my bedroom to connect to my 32″ LG LED TV along with DirecTV HD DVR but since I heard there was a new version of Apple TV coming so I waited awhile for it. Now the 1080p gets it’s home in my living room next to my second DirecTV HD DVR and 55″ Samsung 1080p LED TV.

LifeProof case for iPhone

lifeproof-whiteMy old iPhone case broke sometime ago and I need to protect my iPhone 4 so I thought I’d give LifeProof a try since it ┬áis supposed to make it water, dirt, snow and shock resistant.

Check out the video where the guy demonstrating it goes snorkling with his iPhone and even uses it to film underwater.

Before putting your iPhone in the case you need to do a 1 hour long water test to make sure there’s no defects in the case and you know how to properly seal it. After that’s done you need to clean your iPhone with the included microfiber cloth and make sure there not dust, hairs or anything extra in your iPhone or the case and then you can seal it.

After using it for a while it seems pretty responsive and sound quality seems okay. The only immediate downside I could detect is that it is quite a bit bulkier than my previous case but it does provide a lot of extra protection. I will post an update once I’ve actually used it for a while.