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First impressions on Google Maps for iOS

google maps iconGoogle maps for iOS is finally available in Apple App Store. It has turn by turn navigation, live traffic information and public transit directions. The UI is very responsive and easy to use as always. I must say that I’m very impressed with it. The directions seem to account for current traffic conditions in calculating the route.

google maps for ios screenshot

iPhone Photography Accessories

iphone olloclip glif gorillapodSmartphone cameras have come a long way and now with smartphones like iPhone 4S you can pretty much replace a regular compact camera with your smartphone. So far I’ve always had a compact camera like Samsung TL225 12.2Mpix camera but in the end I always end up using my iPhone for most photos since I forget to take the other camera with me and I always have my iPhone. Now with iPhone 4S and 5 the came takes so good pictures in most conditions where I would use compact camera that I decided to completely replace it with my iPhone and I’ve since sold my compact camera. Since there isn’t any optical zoom on the iPhone and there really isn’t much adjustments you can do with the camera app so I’ve gotten some accessories to go with it.


Olloclip is a 3-in-1 lens add on to iPhone 4/4S and they have iPhone 5 model coming also. It’s high quality product and I really like the wide angle lens. With the wide angle lens you can get more in your picture. The other two lenses are macro and fisheye. With macro lens you can get amazingly close up. The lenses work with any camera app that uses the rear camera. You can’t use the lenses with the facetime camera. Also you can’t use any case when using the lens. The lens itself is very compact and lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. The lens retails at $70 but I got mine way cheaper from Ebay.


Glif+ is a iPhone tripod mount and stand all in one. It allows you to attach your iPhone securely into a tripod and it also has a D-ring or Ligature as they call it. With it you can attach Glif to a keychain so that it’s always with you or you can get creative where you hang your iphone. The only downside to Glif is that you can’t have any case with your phone. The Glif+ comes with Serif which provides extra support for your iphone so that it’s really securely attached to they mount and won’t fall of even if placed upside down. There’s some cheaper Chinese clones but I bought the real American made Glif from Amazon.

Joby GorillaPod

I think everyone knows GorillaPod it’s not really a iPhone accessory but it goes well with Glif so I thought I’d mention it.


Camera+ isn’t really an accessory it’s a camera app that makes taking better photos easier. With it you can adjust where the focus is where the exposure is. I’m still learning to use the app but it’s much easier to get fairly well light picture with it. Camera+ also allows you to do some post processing to the photos.

I think it’s only right to end this post with a video I came across on tips on how to shoot amazing photos with iPhone. It’s from a pro photographer Michael Andrew.

Nokia’s HERE maps for iOS review

Nokia here iconNokia released it’s HERE maps for iOS recently so decided to give it go since it’s free. There’s not much good I can say about that application. The UI felt weird compared to Apple Maps or Google Maps. The map graphics are really ugly and the first route instructions I tried would have directed me close but still totally wrong place as the destination is not accessible from that street which is not even the street I used to look for the route. For voice instructions I had to wait it to load a audio file which I found weird. I didn’t try driving with the instructions and see if you could adapt to changes in route. To sign in it swiched to Safari to do it instead of doing it embedded in the app.

The over all experience was what I’m come to except from Nokia which was disappointing. I really hoped they had stepped up to deliver better quality and more intuitive products but I see that nothing has changed. I really can’t recommend this app to anyone.

nokia maps here ios screenshot

LifeProof case for iPhone

lifeproof-whiteMy old iPhone case broke sometime ago and I need to protect my iPhone 4 so I thought I’d give LifeProof a try since it  is supposed to make it water, dirt, snow and shock resistant.

Check out the video where the guy demonstrating it goes snorkling with his iPhone and even uses it to film underwater.

Before putting your iPhone in the case you need to do a 1 hour long water test to make sure there’s no defects in the case and you know how to properly seal it. After that’s done you need to clean your iPhone with the included microfiber cloth and make sure there not dust, hairs or anything extra in your iPhone or the case and then you can seal it.

After using it for a while it seems pretty responsive and sound quality seems okay. The only immediate downside I could detect is that it is quite a bit bulkier than my previous case but it does provide a lot of extra protection. I will post an update once I’ve actually used it for a while.