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First impressions on Google Maps for iOS

google maps iconGoogle maps for iOS is finally available in Apple App Store. It has turn by turn navigation, live traffic information and public transit directions. The UI is very responsive and easy to use as always. I must say that I’m very impressed with it. The directions seem to account for current traffic conditions in calculating the route.

google maps for ios screenshot

Nokia’s HERE maps for iOS review

Nokia here iconNokia released it’s HERE maps for iOS recently so decided to give it go since it’s free. There’s not much good I can say about that application. The UI felt weird compared to Apple Maps or Google Maps. The map graphics are really ugly and the first route instructions I tried would have directed me close but still totally wrong place as the destination is not accessible from that street which is not even the street I used to look for the route. For voice instructions I had to wait it to load a audio file which I found weird. I didn’t try driving with the instructions and see if you could adapt to changes in route. To sign in it swiched to Safari to do it instead of doing it embedded in the app.

The over all experience was what I’m come to except from Nokia which was disappointing. I really hoped they had stepped up to deliver better quality and more intuitive products but I see that nothing has changed. I really can’t recommend this app to anyone.

nokia maps here ios screenshot