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iPhone Photography Accessories

iphone olloclip glif gorillapodSmartphone cameras have come a long way and now with smartphones like iPhone 4S you can pretty much replace a regular compact camera with your smartphone. So far I’ve always had a compact camera like Samsung TL225 12.2Mpix camera but in the end I always end up using my iPhone for most photos since I forget to take the other camera with me and I always have my iPhone. Now with iPhone 4S and 5 the came takes so good pictures in most conditions where I would use compact camera that I decided to completely replace it with my iPhone and I’ve since sold my compact camera. Since there isn’t any optical zoom on the iPhone and there really isn’t much adjustments you can do with the camera app so I’ve gotten some accessories to go with it.


Olloclip is a 3-in-1 lens add on to iPhone 4/4S and they have iPhone 5 model coming also. It’s high quality product and I really like the wide angle lens. With the wide angle lens you can get more in your picture. The other two lenses are macro and fisheye. With macro lens you can get amazingly close up. The lenses work with any camera app that uses the rear camera. You can’t use the lenses with the facetime camera. Also you can’t use any case when using the lens. The lens itself is very compact and lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. The lens retails at $70 but I got mine way cheaper from Ebay.


Glif+ is a iPhone tripod mount and stand all in one. It allows you to attach your iPhone securely into a tripod and it also has a D-ring or Ligature as they call it. With it you can attach Glif to a keychain so that it’s always with you or you can get creative where you hang your iphone. The only downside to Glif is that you can’t have any case with your phone. The Glif+ comes with Serif which provides extra support for your iphone so that it’s really securely attached to they mount and won’t fall of even if placed upside down. There’s some cheaper Chinese clones but I bought the real American made Glif from Amazon.

Joby GorillaPod

I think everyone knows GorillaPod it’s not really a iPhone accessory but it goes well with Glif so I thought I’d mention it.


Camera+ isn’t really an accessory it’s a camera app that makes taking better photos easier. With it you can adjust where the focus is where the exposure is. I’m still learning to use the app but it’s much easier to get fairly well light picture with it. Camera+ also allows you to do some post processing to the photos.

I think it’s only right to end this post with a video I came across on tips on how to shoot amazing photos with iPhone. It’s from a pro photographer Michael Andrew.

TriggerTrap Mobile

I got a TriggerTrap Mobile for me and my wife some time ago from Jan at TriggerTrap and this review has been pending ever since. We were going to do a field test and see how TriggerTrap mobile stacks up against Trigger Happy. That how ever got didn’t happen because weather was against us on our camping trip to Big Sur and we also had technical difficulties because of iOS 6 with both devices. So instead of doing a indepth review I’m going to write my initial thoughts on this product.

TriggerTrap Mobile consists of the dongle, camera spefic cable and the app. There’s two versions of the app: free and paid. I’ve tried them both. The paid version has much more functions than the free version. You can use the app also with iPhones built-in camera but pointing it is little hard because the app doesn’t show a preview like the regular camera app and there’s of course no view finder in iPhone. My only gripe about the app really is that it’s really hard to make out anything in bright daylight and some of the adjustments are too sensitive and hard to get the exact number you want.

I personally like this product more than Trigger Happy Remote. It’s more polished product and there’s much more documentation on triggertrap website. Also if you ever switch cameras or have multiple cameras you only need to get a new camera cable and can use the same dongle. Another great thing is that you can order your dongle and cable from Amazon. Lastly big thanks to TriggerTrap for providing us review copies. We are going to continue to play with them as time allows. Check out also my wife’s blog Great use of Pixels.

Introducing Triggertrap Mobile from Triggertrap on Vimeo

Trigger Happy Camera Remote has arrived

trigger happy cableThe Trigger Happy Camera remote I blogged about few weeks ago has finally arrived. The packaging was just a padded envelope with the trigger happy cable and a thank you note. Of course it didn’t work with my wife’s 4th gen iPod Touch so we had to check it with my iPhone with which it worked. Apparently there’s a software update coming soon so that it works with iPod touch.

Any way I’m glad it’s finally here but the whole process left a bit of bad taste. I’ll let my wife write a better review once she gets to play with it more. You can follow her blog at here website great use of pixels.

Trigger Happy Camera Remote Kickstarter project

trigger happy remote.jpgIn last March I discovered a cool Kickstarter project called Trigger Happy Camera Remote. It’s a DSLR camera remote that you control with a iOS or Android device. I immediately thought that it would be an excellent gift to my wife who is photographer.

The project looked like it’s going to be funded well in advance of the May deadline and they were estimating shipping in June. Seemed like all was good and the project got funded with almost 10x what they were asking. After the funding goal was reached there were no updates for a month and a half and finally mid June got an update that it would be ready soon. Still no indication of when it would actually ship.

In beginning of July we finally got an update that there was a manufacturing defect and they would have to delay for few more weeks which is perfectly understandable. As I’m writing this another deadline went past without any updates on the progress. Another bad move they made is that they lowered the retail price to $49.95 even before shipping the product to their backers who paid a minimum of $50 + $5 for shipping. Some people even paid $100 to get dips on the first batch.

Now even if the final product is awesome I highly doubt I will ever back any projects by these guys due to their lack of good communication skills.